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About Us

Office was established with a capital of one hundred thousand pounds, we have implemented several projects for automated warning systems and automatic extinguishing and Toridtha. Pipes and air-conditioning systems and some drainage systems and pumping stations of clean water pumping stations and fire and we are honored that we are the leading companies in this area, where we design, supply, implementation and maintenance, and through a group of qualified engineers and technicians.

The following is a statement of the company's technical Manning

The number of engineers: (3) of all disciplines, whether electronic engineering or electrical or mechanical.

Number of administrators: (5) members of Accountants and the affairs of individuals and public relations.

The number of technicians: (10) of all the disciplines of art, especially to the fire warning and automatic water and sewage networks

The number of non-regular employment: (15) individual

Number of painters: (1) AutoCAD.

Maintenance crews number: (5) a technical specialist for the periodic maintenance of the various systems and special fire pump and refilling all gases for the amortization of CO2 - FM 200 - inergen- dry Powder - wet chemical.